“We engaged TheSumOf for a brand and identity refresh following a change in strategic direction for our business, which required that we present ourselves differently in the market.

TheSumOf were a pleasure to deal with at every step of the process, which involved a deep dive into the business to understand our core drivers, a customer survey, as well as interviews with all employees to understand the DNA of our company and what makes us unique. This process was very helpful, not only for the rebranding and identity work but also to understand our challenges and successes as a business.

We are delighted with the outcome of this process, which included developing a new company name—enably—as well as a new identity and communications framework. We are already starting to see the benefits of this change, with increased conversion metrics and customer satisfaction results that are in part due to our new customer-centric brand.

We would highly recommend TheSumOf and would like to thank the team for their terrific work.”

Andrew Kirkwood
Chief Executive Officer, Enably

“The identity refresh for Byron Writers Festival coincides with a significant milestone for us—our 20th Anniversary—with TheSumOf delivering a powerful, contemporary and timeless identity for Australia’s original regional writers’ festival.

Kevin guided us with great skill towards an identity marque and positioning that was universally approved by the Festival team. The process was seamless and reinvigorated our passion for what we do and why we do it. It has also rallied sponsors, advertisers and our audience, and the feedback has been entirely positive.

The new identity and positioning captures the essence of the organisation in myriad ways and when revealed at a member event, it drew spontaneous applause from the audience.

We will absolutely—without hesitation, and with great enthusiasm—refer TheSumOf to others. In fact, we already have.”

Edwina Johnson
Festival Director, Byron Writers Festival

“The response to the new identity, positioning and website we’ve received has been fantastic. People love it all. TheSumOf delivered on what was promised and I/we will be forever grateful.

We are on target for our biggest ever year to celebrate two decades of the Festival and some of this is due to the great work provided by TheSumOf. Few people outside our region have ever been able to convey who we are, understood us, or ‘got’ us—except for Kevin. Thanks for ‘getting’ us!”

Chris Hanley
Founder and Chairman (1996 – 2016), Byron Writers Festival

“Kevin’s process of minutely evaluating every aspect of our business was nothing less than a revelation. It was an extraordinary opportunity for us to take time and make sure—with expert advice—that we were making the right decisions about so many parts of what we do and giving us the strongest and clearest understanding of how we could best present the products and services we offer.

It was a detailed process providing us with a very considered positioning, identity and a totally new web presence which offers our clients a significantly easier, better and faster way of doing business with us. This was a key outcome from the outset and there is no doubt Kevin has excelled in providing us with this new resource.

We most certainly recommend TheSumOf given Kevin’s ability to learn the core components that are the basis of a business and then steer the process so comprehensively by taking those assets and turning them into the very best way of presenting a business to its audience.”

David Shaw
Director, Street + Garden

“This project has had a huge impact on our business: It has helped us reposition ourselves as market leaders; it has had a positive impact on our staff and helped to focus our sales force; and it has helped position us outside the category convention.

Personally, it actually helped me think broader around the way we’re approaching our content marketing strategy and some of our other marketing tactics. It’s had a lot of follow‑on effects.

Finally, this process has contributed towards Beepo predicting a 267 percent revenue growth, year over year. Unsurprisingly, we’re already referring TheSumOf within our networks.”

Aimee Engelmann
CEO, Beepo

“For the first time ever, Dr. Edward de Bono’s life’s work has been given a brand identity and unified visual language. It was a mammoth project, but the result is sensational and the impact on the business has been powerful. After 50+ years Edward can finally present his life’s work in a way that is modern, universal, playful and impactful.

Working with TheSumOf has been a wonderfully collaborative and rewarding experience and the value Kevin has provided has been immeasurable.”

Amanda Mobbs
CEO, de Bono Global

“desktop magazine commissioned Kevin to create a poster in response to recent national arts funding changes. He produced a poster and accompanying rationale that was well-considered and tackled the issue from a productive angle, seeking to locate a solution within the problem. So much so, we chose it for the cover of the October issue.

Kevin’s workflow was a dream! He turned everything around promptly and was super-easy to communicate with. It was fantastic that we were able to produce a successful cover from the commission. In addition, the feedback from desktop’s publisher and networks has been positive. Everyone has responded well, and found the cover very curious.”

Katia Pase
Editor, desktop

“The Spatial industry may be the most critical industry to the future of humanity, but communicating the complexities of it to wider humanity is a daunting and challenging task. However, Kevin is a deep listener and thinker. So much so, he transformed our thinking. Having conceived the name ‘Pivotal’ for an International Summit we co-hosted with NASA, The Queensland Government and QUT, he went on to produce sensitively designed and visually compatible branding for the Pivotal Summit, and the concurrent Pivotal Youth Symposium. His ‘I am Pivotal’ concept is now the basis of an emerging new youth movement.

In short, he is an extraordinarily articulate visual thinker and can assist any business in communicating their business to others. I cannot underestimate the positive impact and effectiveness of his contributions. I would highly recommend Kevin for his work, responsiveness, value, and ability to implement his client’s goals.”

Richard Simpson

“The critical value TheSumOf delivered was in developing an identity and visual language, which reassures current and perspective customers of Bright’s ability to deliver outstanding outcomes for global corporations.

TheSumOf has a rare combination of creative ability and commercial professionalism. Probably the best thing about working with TheSumOf is that we are never, ever disappointed with the calibre of Kevin’s work. His creative talent is simply extraordinary.

Bright now has a range of marketing tools which consistently deliver the same message across all platforms; print, news media, social media, documents and conference tools. Our rate of inbound enquiry is steadily increasing, but more importantly, it is the right type of enquiry.”

Petra Nelson
Managing Director, Bright People Technologies

“Kevin’s design sense is very strong, he’s very creative and his technical skills highly developed. But more significantly, he has a highly developed strategic view which is rare in designers and which contributed so much to the success of our project.”

Jacqui Riddell
(Former) Director of Marketing, SBS

“Kevin’s greatest personal quality is his ability to connect. Not only is he great at listening to what the client wants but he connects to the core of the organisation where he learns about the over-arching vision so he can guide the client further.”

Noel Staunton
Artistic Director, Brisbane Festival Brisbane (2010–2014)

“Brisbane Festival has become a well-recognised and trusted brand and Kevin’s work in creating our brand identity has been key. His contribution, particularly his conceptual ideas, has helped create a platform for the Brisbane Festival brand to build on for the future.”

Valmay Hill
Chief Executive Officer, Brisbane Festival

“Kevin has an incredible talent and ability to decipher, validate and interpret information to create true and meaningful brand identities. We continue to have great response to the new brand identity and—more importantly—we have clarity around our value proposition offerings.”

Karin Dale
General Manager, Mindpearl

“Kevin is a super-talented designer and design thinker. He is also incredibly generous and very serious about sharing his skill set. He is a great communicator and an inspiring speaker… Kevin is as comfortable advising the Board as he is brainstorming with junior staff.”

Cathy Stacey
Executive Manager Communications, State Library of Queensland

“Kevin Finn always over delivers. He is uncomplicated, a pleasure to deal with and believes anything is possible. Kevin will get inside your business, challenge your thinking and push the boundaries. Thanks Kevin, we’ve come a long way in a very short time.”

Simone Rice
Marketing Manager, Magabala Books

“My experience with TheSumOf has shown me what good design can be, and how important it is for businesses of all sizes. It has rewired how I think about design and business.”

Dean Brosnan
Founder, Neue

“This rebrand has been immensely beneficial to the company principals, the staff, and to our balance sheet!”

Jim Murray
Director, Prosperity